family, friends and wine.

Our type of blend

Our story, much like our wine, is a mixture of contradictions,

time and love that create something new.


It all began in the 70’s in Strasbourg, France, where Moshe, a physical therapy student, met Ann, the daughter of a deep-seated Alsace-ian family. After visiting the family’s home, Moshe was charmed by his hosts close connection to the land and nature, the world of winemaking was revealed to


During the following 19 years Moshe and Ann engaged in physical therapy, raised a family and continued dreaming about winemaking. With the rise and progress of Israeli wine culture, the two decided to realise their dream and engage exclusively in winemaking. Armed with a small structure in Jaffa


After 3 years in Jaffa, the winery came to its growing point and had to depart its original location. Wanting to control the way the grapes are grown led to independent plantings at the Ella valley plot that serves the winery today. As a temporary solution, the winery itself resided at the family house


In 2006 the winery moved out of the family’s house to its current location adjacent to the vineyards, completing the circle which allows strict standards control from the vineyard to the bottle. Meanwhile in 2007, Stephan, Moshe and Ann’s son and a Hebrew University graduate of agronomy, returned to


Stephan Celniker

Yaffo’s winemaker graduated from Hebrew University’s agricultural faculty and winemaking studies at the Bourgogne region in France. Stephan then sharpened his skills during a year of work at a winery in St. Emilion region and an additional famous winery in South Africa.
His entrance to the role brought with it a ‘new world’ approach to the winery, conserving mainly the aroma and giving room to fruit flavours. In our red wines Stephan brought upon a change to the direction of friendly, light, unbinding wines with short fermentation periods that are equally enjoyable with or without food. Yaffo’s wed wines are still aged in barrels but more room is kept for fruity tastes, not allowing the aging process to take over the flavours.
The winery’s white wines are not aged in barrels, making them light, crispy and aromatic as opposed to the old European way of barrel aging.

Moshe Celniker

Since his arrival to France in the 70’s and his exposure to the wine and food culture of Alsace, Moshe was bitten by the winemaking bug and never stopped his occupation with the subject. Yaffo’s earlier wines were characterized by more complexed tannin rich flavours, with long fermentation periods that were suitable to the Israeli wine culture at the time.
The humble beginning was summed up by a few barrels, with the whole family taking part in the winemaking process and the first bottles being handed out as gifts to friends. Due to enthusiastic reviews, the wine manufacturing grew while attempting to preserve the same meticulous cars of the first stages.
The changes in wine culture, the winery’s growth and the joining of Stephan gave room to the more balanced and unique wines in our selection today.

Anne Marie Celniker

Ann Marie was born in France and lived in the Alsace region for a family of winemakers. She passed on her love of food and fine wine to Moshe after they met in 1975. Where it was clear that at one point a winery would be established in Israel.
The combination of Anne’s endless romance, Moshe’s practicality and Stefan’s education, established Yaffo Winery.

Wine is our painting and winemaking is our art - each wine with its character, each creation says different things. There is great beauty in wine and we strive to pass it to you with each sip.