Wine is our painting and winemaking is our art - each wine with its character, each creation says different things. There is great beauty in wine and we strive to pass it to you with each sip.


Sauvage, which translates to “wild” in French, is the basic wine series of yaffo Winery, and makes a perfect entrance into our wine world. With a variety of white, red and rosé wines, the collection offers a refreshing and varied taste experience.

Our “Sauvage” collection, featuring four high-quality wines made from grapes grown in the picturesque Ella Valley and the Judean Hills. Our red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan, undergo a meticulous aging process in oak barrels for 12 months, resulting in rich and complex flavors. 
On the brighter side, our white blend and rosé are aromatic are aromatic, rich in fruit flavors and delightful smells.



Pet-Nat, short for “Pétillant Naturel”, translates to “naturally bubbling,” is a sparkling Chardonnay made in the Champagne style. It begins fermenting in the container and finishes in the bottle without filtering. The slight cloudiness comes from the fruit residues, giving it a unique taste with enhanced fruit flavours and a touch of sweetness.



The Homage collection is a rich and varied series including white wines: Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec.

The red wines in this collection are produced from grapes that come from quality vineyards in the “Ella Valley” and “ Kedesh Valley” in northern Israel and are made through meticulous processes, aged in oak barrels for 12 months. 
The white wines are made from grapes originating from high regions in the Judean Hills. These wines are rich in citrus aromas and delicate minerality.

Premium - Heritage

The Heritage series is the flagship wine series of Yaffo Winery, the winery’s finest series whose essence is excellence, which begins with the selection of grapes, continues with meticulous production processes and ends with Yaffo Winery’s highest quality wine that the winery produces. The Blends are always a winemaker’s personal choice and are considered the best of the year

This collection features composite wines from the finest grapes aged in the highest quality barrels. Rich and complex wines with powerful aromas, balanced with a fine texture.
The wines are aged in fine French oak barrels and will continue to age in the bottle. Yaffo Winery’s premium collection includes 3 different wines:
Heritage Red
Heritage White IMage

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